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Michiko & Hatchin (ミチコとハッチン Michiko to Hatchin) is a 2008 anime that is about Michiko, an escaped prisoner and Hatchin, a young girl as they are on the run. Before the English dub rights were picked up by Funimation; Vitello Productions and French satellite channel GONG did an English dub pilot for the series in 2010 called Finding Paradiso. While that dub was never picked up; the title and setting were later used for the French dub. The dub pilot is available on Vitello Productions' website, as a zip file.

Like most Vitello dubs, it was recorded in Los Angeles but the only recognizable voice actor in it is Debi Derryberry as Hana.

The pilot was a dub of the fifth episode "The Saudade of Fools, Part 1" (A Saudade dos Tolos, Parte 1).

Update:Tinyironfist0 has uploaded two clips from the pilot.

Update:Guy27Anime and Dailymotion user GreatGundam uploaded the pilot on February 2017.


  • An expositional intro with live-action footage was added.
  • The setting was changed into actually taking place in Brazil rather than the fictional South American country Diamandra.
  • Few of the characters' names were changed.
    • Michiko Milandro-Margaret "Maggie" Miranda
    • Hiroshi-Antonio
    • Satoshi-Dralgo
    • Ivan-Evan[1]
  • While Hana's name was kept; it's pronounced as Hanna.
  • In the Vitello dub, Hana narrates one of Michiko's flashbacks in where Michiko interacts with Hana's father.
  • The one thing that is distinct about this dub is that there are no characters with Latin American accents unlike the Funimation dub.


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