Finley the Fire Engine is an American-Canadian animated series created by Balley Beg Animation Studios, created in 2006. CBeebies aired a rare UK dub of this show from 2007 to 2012. While Finley The Fire Engine Official uses episodes from the American dub, they show minisode versions of the British dubbed episodes. More footage from the UK dub have been surfaced are from Jay Simon (who dubbed Dex & Suds)'s animation showreel that is available on YouTube called "Jay Simon Animation Voices", but only short excerpts. However, there are two DVDs which use the UK dub (them being Finley & Friends and Fun In The Snow; but the episode Nightmare On Main Street on the Finley & Friends DVD uses the US dub).


Callum Hanks - Finley

Jay Simon - Dex and Suds

Justin Fletcher - Captain Parker and Miguel

Janet James - DJ and Jesse

Emma Tate - Isabelle, Abigail, and Scooty

TBA - Gorby

TBA - Hubert

TBA - Mr. Bell

TBA - Lyle

TBA - Lois

TBA - Polly

Jon Fox and Jonty Stephens are part of the voice cast, but it is currently unknown who they voiced.

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