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Back in 2014, Amazon and HIT Entertainment have made a deal to Bring Fireman Sam Franchise to Exclusively in the United States. from Season 6 to Season 9 all of the American dubs specials and seasons were coming to Amazon back then. However when Season 10 rolled by in 2016, there were no details about the US Dub till clips started to get uploaded in 2017. Only 5 episodes of the US Dub Season 10 were available to watch on the Fireman Sam US YouTube channel and the full season was never released to Prime Video and is now considered lost. However, 10 more of the lost US Dub episodes were found on an add free kids TV app called "Hopster" which is developed by Plato Media Ltd. as well as the full US Dub season 11 was found on there as well. Starting from season 12, the US dub has been possibly discontinued. A Youtube and Internet Archive user named Unknown Archive User has also uploaded 2 episodes of season 10 to YouTube.

Lost Episodes

Season 10

  • The Great Party Panic (Only clips on YouTube)
  • Fiery Football (Only clips on YouTube)
  • Shape Up and Shine (Only clips on YouTube)
  • Space Train (Only clips on YouTube)
  • Wicker Bear (Only clips on YouTube)
  • Ice Hockey Meltdown (Only clips on YouTube)
  • Float Your Boat (Only clips on YouTube)
  • The Treasure of Pontypandy Pete (Only clips on YouTube)
  • Big Top Norman (Only clips on YouTube)
  • Paddle On (Only clips on YouTube)

Found Episodes

Season 10

  • Runaway Horse (YouTube and Hopster)
  • Sam's Birthday (YouTube and Hopster)
  • Castles and Kings (Hopster)
  • Pizza Pandemonium (YouTube and Hopster)
  • Dog Day Disaster (Hopster
  • Bus Trouble (Hopster)
  • Spy Games (Hopster)
  • Fox on the Run (Hopster)
  • The Break-Up (Hopster)
  • Lost in the Caves (Hopster)
  • Castles in the Air (Hopster)
  • Dashing Through the Snow (Hopster)
  • Day of the Penguin (YouTube)
  • Pontypandy in the Park (YouTube)
  • Froggy Fantasy (YouTube and Hopster)

Season 11 (Complete)

  • The Prince in Pontypandy (Hopster)
  • Norman Man Vs Firedog (Hopster)
  • Cadet Catastrophe (Hopster)
  • Monster Mania (Hopster)
  • Wally Wizzo (Hopster)
  • The Why Files (Hopster)
  • Pontypandy Slickers (Hopster)
  • Who Let the Cat Out? (Hopster)
  • Wrong Turn Dilys (Hopster and YouTube)
  • Night of the Norman (Hopster)
  • Alien Bug Hunt (Hopster)
  • Blast From the Past (Hopster)
  • James and the Giant Pumpkin (Hopster)
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