Fireman Sam (Partitally Lost Scottish Gaelic Dub)

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Fireman Sam is a Welsh-British show created by Dave Gingell and Dave Jones, The Show used to have a Scottish Gaelic dub which aired season 1-4 on BBC Alba. Narrated by "Tormod Mac'illeathain". the dub was lost for 17 years but until 2021. the Intro was uploaded to youtube by VHS Dump and Starkid 1236. There are also the credits in VHS dump's upload.

There are no videos on BBC Alba's Official channel.


  • The Scottish Gaelic dub is 2nd known dub were the clock alarm in the theme song was changed, this is also the case in the Arabic and Norwegian VHS dub.
  • The Credits uses some screenshots from the Theme song with Scottish Translation.
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