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Flip The Frog was a series of animated short films made by Ub Iwerks[1] and released by MGM and celebrity pictures from 1930 to 1933. Even though the series, except for "Fiddlesticks", can only be seen in black and white, some sources, such as the Big Cartoon Database [2], speculate that there were other shorts originally in color. Also, This issue of The Film Daily states that there were originally going to be 12 Flip The Frog shorts in color [3].

List of shorts claimed to have been in color

  • Fiddlesticks (FOUND)[4]
  • Flying Fists
  • Little Orphan Willie
  • Puddle Pranks
  • Techno Cracked


Here is a semi-automatically colorized image of what one of these shorts would've looked like in their original color

Using a personal Auto-Colorization technique to give a monochrome image the illusion of a faded 2-strip Technicolor print, this is what Flying Fists would look like in color