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Floricienta is a Colombian telenovela produced by Fox Telecolombia for RCN Televisión in 2006. It is an adaptation of the Argentine telenovela of the same name, it is an original idea by Cris Morena.

The soundtrack preserved much of the songs from the original series, however changing the accompaniments, adding instruments such as the saxophone; and adaptation of the voseo to the tuteo in some songs was made, so that it sounded more similar to the forms of Colombian speech. Additionally, it contained songs from both seasons of the original series. This discography was never released to the public, it was only heard in the telenovela.
The songs were recorded in the studio of the Colombian composer Juan Gabriel Turbay, but, since they never had the intention of releasing a CD, the versions heard in the novel are demos, the musical scenes were sung live, moreover, in the edition the producer I put the demos on top, and they also used them for the background of some scenes.


Floricienta 1, 2,3 (sung by Monica Uribe)

Así Sera (sung by Monica Uribe and Gonzalo Revoredo)

Hay Un Cuento (3 versions one sung by Monica Uribe,another by Jose Gaviria [Tomas] and other that combines both versions together)

Kikiriki (sung by Monica Uribe and Gabriel Valenzuela)

Junto a mi (Exclusive song of this version, sung by Monica Uribe)

Los Niños No Mueren (sung by Monica Uribe)

Mi Vestido Azul (sung by Monica Uribe)

Pobres Los Ricos (sung by Monica Uribe)

Tic Tac (sung by Monica Uribe)

Ven a Mi (sung by Monica Uribe and Carlos Torres)

Y La Vida (sung by Monica Uribe and Gonzalo Revoredo)

Quiero (Exclusive song of this version, sung by Carlos Torres)

Flores Amarillas (Only the melody)

Only 7 of these songs are on the internet and they are only united excerpts from scenes from the novel, other songs were never broadcast in full in the novel, such as Hay un Cuento (Flor's version).


There is also a channel called Nostalgia Play that has the songs but they are covers and they are not the least bit true.