The title card of the Harmony Gold dubbed movie.

Flower Angel is an English adaptation of the 1979 Magical Girl anime Lunlun the Flower Child (花の子ルンルン, Hana no Ko Runrun), produced by Harmony Gold in 1985. It was compressed into a movie for TV and covered 6 of the original 50-episode series. The episodes that were featured in the film were episodes 1, 7, 24, 29, 49 and 50. The 37th episode was also covered, but it was only the intro to coincide with the beginning events of the 49th episode. The 95 minute compressed film was licensed by Ziv International, whom did an earlier English dub version of the show called Angel in 1980, and received a new music score by Mark Mercury under the name The Bullets. In 1987, the dubbed movie was released on VHS in the UK by Kids Cartoon Collection and two years later by InterVision Video under their PlayTime banner.


Along with the new score, the dub received a new voice cast differing from the original Ziv dub and the characters were renamed to Angel (Lunlun), Lily (Cateau), Periwinkle (Nuveau), Princess Wysteria (Togenishia), Ragweed (Yabouki) and Stefan (Serge Flora). The biggest difference between the dub and the Japanese original is with the ending of the 50th episode. In the dub, Angel goes to Lumia where she learns she is to marry the prince. The King relents and lets her return to Earth to her family and Stefan. In the Japanese dub, the King passes the crown to his youngest son, Stefan's brother. [1]


The Kids Cartoon Collection release of the movie.

The InterVision Video release of the movie.

As of 2018, the full Harmony Gold English dub cannot be found on the internet. Although, the movie can be found on eBay[2], and the Italian version of the film called Lulu l Angelo de Fiori can be found on YouTube. The clips of the English dub that are on the internet are the intro to the movie and a couple VHS logo openings to the film on YouTube. The most noteworthy clip that is on YouTube is the edited ending of the 50th episode, which is the only way of seeing some bits of the dub.

Most of the information of the dub can be found through a review by Anime Bargain Bin Reviews which can be found here. [3]

On May 20th 2018, Facebook user TVFromThePast [4] recently received the full English dubbed film and is currently in the process of converting the VHS to a DVD. On June 10th, 2018, TVFromThePast announced that he will be posting the full movie on his YouTube account or on his Facebook page in the coming weeks in July.[5] On August 4th, 2018, he posted the full Flower Angel VHS onto his Facebook account which can be found right here.[6]

Sadly in early 2019, the TVFromThePast's YouTube and Facebook accounts were terminated by multiple copyright claims and the dubbed film was lost again until April 4th, 2019, where Facebook user My Little Pony And Friends Channel uploaded the full movie on their Facebook page at 720p as opposed to the original VHS quality.[7] On December 13th, 2019, Archive user BP Classic Video's uploaded the full movie using footage from the DVDs and the sound from the original Kids Cartoon Collection VHS.[8]


Angel Cloud Flower Angel (US Dub 1985)

The full Flower Angel Harmony Gold English dub VHS.


Flower Angel Opening Themes

The intro from the Harmony Gold dub.


Flower Angel - Harmony Gold's Ending

Harmony Gold's altered ending of Episode 50.


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