Frankenguy and the Professor is a Playhouse Disney interstitial in which a monster named Frankenguy is in a situation, so a miniature man, known simply as "The Professor," has to solve a problem for him with three monitors. When one of the monitors shows the right answer, unseen children point out the answer every time, disagreeing with any other idea. He always selects one wrong answer, but that doesn't help Frankenguy. The second time, he selects a wrong answer, but that doesn't help either. The third and final time, he ends up choosing the last possible answer, and it works. So far, only six of these have been found. 
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  • Number of Wheels (FOUND)
  • Missing Letter (FOUND)
  • Missing Color (Lost)
  • Shape of Hula Hoop (FOUND)
  • What to Eat (FOUND)
  • Sleeping Furniture (FOUND)
  • Angry Frankenguy (Lost)
  • Arf (FOUND)
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