You know those Greeny Phatom spin-offs? Back in 2007, "Fred's World" had launched. It contained only one season with ten episodes.

The first four episodes were nothing but ten minutes of silent white noise. The first four episode names weren't even English, not even an existing language. Here's a list of the first four episodes:

-Episode 1: Ewwnsjas

-Episode 2: Wjsjaisjej

-Episode 3: Auduwid

-Episode 4: Nsjajaiaj

Then, after four weeks of static, the fifth episode premiered. We finally got to look at the intro. Not the surprising type, though. The intro was just Fredsworld Fred bland, black background with white text reading: "Fred's World: (episode name)". The fifth episode was called "Fred's Journey" and it only lasted twenty minutes. Fred was a sad character, as well as all the others: Johnny, Dr Roberts and Ased. None of the characters talked in English for that fifth episode, not even an existing language. Episode six and seven were better, English, more stylish intro, but the two episodes were the exact same, except the intro still called the episode six repeat "Episode Seven: Aliens". These two episodes also had the same name. In those two episodes, aliens invade the country, hilariously of four people. Episode eight was just one of the episodes of Gree City but with the "Fred's World" intro. Episode nine was original, not a repeat and fully English. We could finally see what was really going on: Fred's dad died during the static episodes. Episode nine only lasted five seconds. The final episode was like the first four, static for ten minutes. But you could hear garbling. I left during the second minute because I was disturbed. Whatever happened after, my brother didn't like it, which is why he doesn't watch GP anymore. If you ever find leaked episodes on YouTube, dont watch them, they'll traumatize you.

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