A promo featuring the dub, currently the only thing founded yet

Friends (called Amigos in Portuguese) was one of the first attempts of bringing a dubbed live-action adult series to Portugal. It aired dubbed on RTP 1 in 1998. The version was produced by Estúdio Goya.

It is reported that it originally premiered on the 9:00pm slot. The dub wasn't well received by the Portuguese audience right from the start, who isn't historically used to adult content being dubbed, and quickly moved to a late night schedule due to poor ratings. Around the middle of Season 1, RTP 1 decided to stop airing the show, never releasing the remaining episodes.

After seven years, Friends started airing in another channel from the same network, RTP 2, but with subtitles and the original audio instead of a dub.

No full or partial episodes are available. The only footage that could be retrieved from the dub as of March 2021 was a promo that aired during commercials, a day before the show's premiere.

Known Voice Actors

Rachel (possibly known as "Raquel") - Maria João Luís

Monica (possibly known as "Mónica") - Cristina Carvalhal

Phoebe - Ana Madureira

Joey - Peter Michael

Chandler - Paulo Oom

Ross - Rui Paulo

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