The Action Max was a game system created in 1987 by the company Worlds of Wonder. The system would require that the user already own a VCR, as the games came on VHS tapes that were light gun based. The user also was required to set up a sensor on the bottom right corner of the television screen. There was no way you could really lose or win in the games, because the only point of the game was to get the most points. There were five games released for the system, which were:

  • .38 Ambush Alley (police target range)
  • Blue Thunder (based on the eponymous 1983 motion picture)
  • Hydrosub: 2021 (futuristic underwater voyage)
  • The Rescue of Pops Ghostly (comic haunted-house adventure)
  • Sonic Fury (aerial combat; bundled with system)

Of these games, there was originally going to be a sixth game for the system called Fright Night. This game was unreleased because of the success of the NES and the simplicity of the games on the system. No screenshots, images, or prototypes have been found of the game.

Update 11-29-15:

According to a forum post on AtariAge, the game was supposed to be centered around clips from the movie Blue Thunder, similar to the other game of the same name. Cult also stated that the game was going to be horror themed.

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