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Fudêncio e Seus Amigos (unofficial English title: Fuckerson and his Friends) is a Brazilian adult cartoon series aired from 2005 to 2011 on MTV Brazil. Of the cartoon's 163 episodes, 143 are currently available on YouTube, but the remaining 20 are lost.


The cartoon follows a group of nine-year old school friends but explores several adult themes, such as violence and sexuality, and contains profanity.

Lost episodes

The following is a list of the cartoon's twenty lost episodes by order of original air date.

Episode name English translation Original air date
Caso Barata The Cockroach Case July 22, 2006
Veneno de Ratazana Rat Poison July 29, 2006
Ordem no Tribunal Order on Court September 2, 2006
Alma Peidada Farted Soul September 2, 2006
Reciclando e Andando Recycling and Walking May 16, 2007
Quem sabe se Fu!!! Those Who Know are Fucked May 17, 2007
Terrorísmio Terrorism May 22, 2007
Os Kubrusly The Kubrusly May 29, 2007
Concurso Destrua o Caqui Destroy de Persimmon Contest May 31, 2007
Peruíbe Topa Tudo Peruíbe Accepts Everything December 13, 2007
Hóspede Hospedeiro Guest Host December 5, 2007
Zoofilia Zoophilia December 13, 2007
Safeno Bizarro Bizarre Safeno December 20, 2007
Especial de Natal Christmas Special December 25, 2007
Pequeno Príncipe Little Prince December 26, 2007
Caos Aéreo Air Chaos December 27, 2007
Planeta Sustentável Sustainable Planet May 7, 2008
Who Have Ass Have Fear - December 1, 2008
O Regime do Popoto Popoto's Diet August 8, 2009
Rodando Bolsinha Spinning Bags August 9, 2009
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