Fun and Fancy Free is a film made by Disney in 1947. There were 4 Japanese dubs. One for TBS, one made by Bandai, one made by Buena Vista Home Video, and one on Wowow. The TBS one is lost. It broadcasted in April 3rd 1981. No one has a VHS recording of it.



Jiminy Cricket - Kazuo Kamakura

Bears - Bonny Jacks

Narrator - Peggy Hayama

Mickey and the Beanstalk:

Mickey - Yoshiko Ota

Donald - Tadashi Yamazaki

Goofy - Joji Yanami

Willy the Giant - Kazuo Kamakura

Harp - Keiko Yokozawa (normal), Peggy Hayama (singing)

Edgar Bergan - Michio Hazama

Luana Patten - Keiko Yokozawa

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