Funny Pets (Japanese: ファニーペッツ Fanīpettsu) is a Japanese CGI-animated series created by the husband-wife team, Ryuji and Wakako Masuda (the same people behind Popee the Performer, a similar anime), and was released in early 2006 and ended mid-to-later that year.

The show has 24 episodes, and revolves around two aliens named Crescent (the moon) and Corona (the sun), who both crash on Earth in a weird, empty dessert-themed place located in the middle of nowhere with their UFO. They get found by a simple-minded and moody woman named Funny, and adopts both of the two and keeping them as pets.

Only 12 episodes were uploaded on YouTube (including "REPLAY", which is the 15th episode). However, the 11 other episodes have not been released on the Internet, and no single information has been revealed about them minus the episode titles.

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