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Fuwa is a series of eleven-minute shorts that was broadcasted in China via CCTV's cartoon blocks. It featured the Fuwa, the mascots of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics as they bring good fortune to the Olympic athletes. The series also featured past Olympic mascots such as Hodori the Tiger and Sam the Eagle.

Fuwa premiered on October 1, 2007 and lasted for hundred episodes until cancellation in 2009. Various episodes of the Mandarin dub have resurfaced onto video streaming sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion. A news segment of the series's main theme being recorded can also be found on YouTube.


Mandarin Dub

  • Liu Chunyan
  • Wang Zhiwen
  • Jiang Wenli


All the found episodes can be viewed here. Please note that all of them are in Mandarin.


Fuwa screenshot.jpg
Screenshot fuwa.jpg


  • Various episodes of the series were broadcasted on China transportation.
  • There were two more series dedicated to the mascots. Fúwá Àoyùn Mànyóujì and a short-lived series that featured the Fuwa as humans.
  • The series's theme song was sung by Zhao Wei, a Chinese pop singer.
  • This is not the first piece of lost media featuring an Olympic mascot. Atlanta 1996's mascot Izzy has a lost TV movie.
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