Garfield Bound For Home (Lost Nintendo DS Game; Existence Unconfirmed; 2006)

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Garfield Bound For Home Was An 2006 Action Adventure Video Game Developed By "Two Tribes" and Published By "The Game Factory" For The Nintendo DS.

No Screenshots Or Gameplay Footage Are Known To Exist


With his continuous bragging, putting everyone else down and criticizing everybody else's lifestyle, Garfield has managed to make himself numerous enemies.

With his cheeky behavior, he has angered wild cat, the suburban cat leader so the cat-gang has come up with a plan to get rid of Garfield and to take his place. Key to their plan is that Wild cat will dress up and pretend to be Garfield so he can move into Jon's home. with his other 'dedicated' friends and they'll end up eating everything jon has in the house forcing him to buy more food which will eventually make him so poor that the cats? can take over the house!


  • 3D skill based co-operative platform game where two players can be controlled.
  • The two characters are Garfield and Odie. The main objectives are carried out by Garfield “ such as using items and the 'weapons'. However, we need Odie's abilities as well such as speed and agility “ to fully traverse the levels.
  • The game will have the original comic book feel as both the artwork and atmosphere will refl ect this, even though it is in full 3D.
  • The game will be in 3rd person.
  • The game will have adventure elements as well as puzzle elements and humor.
  • There are 8 levels and 7 mini-games in an extremely interactive environment.
  • 3 levels of difficulty.
  • 10 + hours of gameplay.
  • Takes full advantage of the DS' abilities.
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