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Garfield y sus amigos opening amigo es en español

The Spanish opening for the show, even though it's the Latin American one.

Garfield and Friends is a animated series made by Film Roman that ran from 1988 to 1994. It is based on the Garfield comic strips, and has been dubbed in many languages, but there is a Castilian Spanish dub of the show. It was aired on TVE 2 at an unknown time, and it last aired on Boomerang in Spain sometime before they closed in 2011 or on their local version of Boing at one point. It is possible that this dub may have been made or distributed by LUK Internacional because they distributed the Catalan dub of the show. The Latin American dub can still be seen on the internet while this version is completely lost and can't be found anywhere, although there could be recordings of it somewhere. However, the Latin America Spanish dub of the show aired in Spain and Andorra. In 2021, Luk Internacional (the current licensor of the show in Spain) debuted an all-new Castilian Spanish dub for Pluto TV in Spain.


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