Lost Media Archive

The profile picture for the channel.

Gee&Tee was a YouTube channel that made plush Angry Birds and Super Mario YouTube videos. They stopped creating videos 4 years ago. A year ago they made a community post explaining why they stopped making videos. Then 10 months ago they privated their videos. They also updated their channel description to explain that they privated their videos because of COPPA. They said nothing about ever unprivating their videos, so it’s unlikely that they will ever unprivate them. They still do update the playlists on the channel so it’s likely they still use it as a personal channel to watch videos on, which is probably the reason they didn’t want their channel affected by COPPA. In a privated video I also remember them adding a trailer for a video that was never released at the end of the video.

Here is a link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/newhouse645.

UPDATE: A few of the videos were unprivated and are now found! Six total videos were found. There were a lot more than six videos on the channel though, so only a small amount are now found. (I am screen recording the videos so if they go private again they won’t become lost again.)