In 1980, country singer George Jones had been drunk for several days when he ran out of alcohol at his property in Florida. His wife at the time, Shirley Ann Corley, hid the keys to their cars to prevent him from continuing his drinking binge. A drunken George Jones decided that his ten-horsepower lawn mower could get him to the liquor store, a 5mph vehicle for an 8 mile commute. The trip was apparently successful, and Jones discusses the incident in his autobiography, I Lived To Tell It All. An unknown length of his drunken commute was caught on film. At least two different stills can be found online, but actual video of the event seems to be lost. Some claim to have seen the video broadcasted on television, specifically on VH1, but this is not confirmed. It's also important to note that George Jones released a music video for his song, "Honky Tonk Song" which features a rough reenactment of the incident, but this is not the original footage.

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