Get 'Em Tommy was a web series created by Victor Courtright & produced by Cartoon Network Studios released in December 2016 on Cartoon Network's YouTube channel and app. As of mid 2018 all episodes on CN's videos where set to private and removed from the app, making the series very scarce.


An enthusiastic boy named Tommy gets into all sorts of zany battles. With the help of his friends and new moves gained from VHS tapes there's no villain Tommy can't take on.


In mid 2018 Cartoon Network set all episodes of Get 'Em Tommy were set to private. A likely reason is that the creator Victor Courtright was the producer of Thundercats Roar which received a lot of backlash upon its release due to clear inspirations from Teen Titans Go. The backlash was so intense that crew members of the show were subject to ridicule on their social media. When Thundercats fans found Victor Courtright's previous work Get 'Em Tommy, they began to dislike bomb the videos which made CN set the minisodes to private.

Since then only a few of the shorts have resurfaced. One episode  "Punch Punchleton" is still up on CN's Facebook page. Two other episodes were uploaded to YouTube though they were recorded from a TV screen from a camera.


Punch Punchleton: Found

New Moves: Missing

My Good Friend Ben: Missing

A Champion's Ring: Missing

When Sneaky Lads Strike: Missing

Broken Tape: Missing

The Baroness: Missing

Treasure Map: Found (Better quality wanted)

The Real Fight: Missing

First Aired: December 12, 2016

Tommy uses his Championship Ring to find a Champion to fight in order to improve his ranking. He encounters an old aquantance who has some new moves.

Golden Star: Found (Better quality wanted)

First Aired: December 12, 2016

Fiona "inadvertently" tosses Tommy across the country where he is thrilled to meet Golden Star, the number 1 GFC Champion.

Mashup Battles: Missing


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