Ghosts ‘n Goblins 64 is a cancelled action game that was in development by Capcom for the Nintendo 64. In November of 1996, Capcom invited the press to check out their upcoming lineup for the next year. Among the games shown there was a new Ghosts ‘n Goblins game for Nintendo 64. From what Neil West, Next-Generation Magazine’s editor-at-large present at the event described, he said: "We know that the project was still in a early state of development but it was already clear that Mario 64 was a big source of inspiration, as this happened for many games in that period like Konami’s Goemon 64." After that event, nothing more was shared with the public and the game was quietly cancelled by the publisher maybe because the N64 performance in the japanese market resulted relatively weak.


An early mention of the game in a magazine.

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