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Giocate con Noi is the Italian dub of Play With Me Sesame. This dub was made by a studio called "VIDEODELTA - Telecittà (TO)" and aired on Raisat Ragazzi in February 2005 and Rai Gulp (unclear) in 1st June 2007 then made reruns on Rai YoYo in 2010 all day on 8:30 pm.[1][2]

The Cast

  • Prairie Dawn (Aurorabella): Anna Lana
  • Grover: Tommaso Andrei
  • Bert: Stefano Brusa
  • Ernie: Andrea Zalone
  • Elmo: Davide Garbolino


There were some episodes uploaded on YouTube, But unfortunately got removed a few years later.

What was Found

The few things were found from it was the localized logo and the Opening theme song. There are also some Raisat YoYo promos that had clips of the dub with other shows.