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Giocate con Noi is the Italian dub of Play With Me Sesame. This dub was made by a studio called "VIDEODELTA - Telecittà (TO)" and aired on Raisat Ragazzi in February 2005 and Rai Gulp (unclear) in 1st June 2007 then made reruns on Rai YoYo in 2010.[1]

The Cast follows:

  • Prairie Dawn (Aurorabella): Anna Lana
  • Grover: Tommaso Andrei
  • Bert: Stefano Brusa
  • Ernie: Andrea Zalone
  • Elmo: Davide Garbolino


There were some episodes uploaded on YouTube, But unfortunately got removed a few years later.

What was Found

The only things were found from it was the localized logo and the Opening theme song.



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