Go and get it

A preview poster.

Go And Get It is a 1920 American silent adventure/horror/comedy film directed by Marshall Neilan and Henry Symonds.

The plot was about newspaper owner Helen Allen (Agnes Ayres) partenering with reporter Kirk Connelly (Pat O'Malley) as she suspects her publisher of being corrupt and plotting with a rival. Meanwhile, violent murders are happening, perpetrated by an ape-man, a gorilla who's had the brain of a brutal criminal transplanted in it by a mad scientist.

Prior to release, the film got many positive reviews, with special mentions to the gorilla character, portrayed by former boxer Bull Montana (who would portray another ape-man in 1925's The Lost World).

It is unknown if any known copies of the film survive, and only a few promotion posters are available to see, along with some production photographs. Go and Get It was later remade in 1941 as The Monster and the Girl.

References Blog about movie gorillas. Proof of lost status Page on Silent Era website; status is "unknown".

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