Goth Public Access is truly the definition of an internet ghost story.

According to in 1988, a kid named Saul was bullied by five kids who pushed him against the lockers and beat him. He begged his parents to switch Schools, but they couldn't. After months he began to listen to dark music and cut himself. So his parents made a show on public access under their son's complete control.

It's not exactly known when the show first aired, but it can be assumed it aired at least a few months after their son's experience.

Current Status

As with most Public Access Television Shows, Goth Public Access is absent and vital records have remained deceased. In fact, unlike most shows, very few clips even exist. The Know Your Meme Page? is blank and only contains a single clip.

In the clip some kid (presumably Saul) begins to do some sort of card trick explaining what they'll be going through in today's episode. It then cuts to an older woman (identity unknown) who laughs. Before it cuts to him reading a morbid poem sometime later in the episode, you can briefly see a image of him standing at the same table meaning that someone did cut out in between the poem and the woman laughing.

Other than that no other episodes or clips are known to have survived and it's most likely Saul has moved on with his life.


Know Your Meme? page clip (the page itself is blank other then the clip):

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