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Goth Public Access was once known as Death's Head Theatre. It was created by Rael OneCloud, alongside Z, a friend and carer of Rael. Rael Onecloud was a bisexual woman who lived in Vermont, who worked frequently on VCAM, where DTH was aired. Not much is known about her, but she appeared to have very little family around her but had a good support group. She was diagnosed with diabetes at an unknown age and was unashamed of her body weight. Z lived with her for a time according to her live journal blog (named Teeny Turtle's Weird World of Whatnots. Only accessible via mobile phone), but left after an unspecified argument. Z has even fewer information, to the point where even their name is certain. They did go by Z and Xoe and Z'La Goth. Rael mentioned that they were transgender and had been accused of sexual assault by some homophobic neighbours who harassed them a lot. Rael also mentions Z is bipolar.

Not much is known about DTH itself aside from what was shown in it's viral clip and what was told in a comment by Bill Simmon, a tech on the show. It aired on VCAM in Vermont, where Rael's work was most recognisable. It was also featured on the Found Footage Festival, a reaction show which often reacted to random tapes the hosts would find.

It's unclear how the infamously dubbed 'Goth Public Access' clip got to the internet by Rael took it on the chin, uploading the clip to her own channel. She stated she would upload the rest of the show once she got it out of storage in a youtube comment within the video. This however, would never happen. Rael passed in 2016 and it was announced on Facebook and in an archived announcement on the VCAM website. Bill Simmon was mentioned within the article and spoke about her and her work.

In 2007, Cracked.com's Ross Wolinsky posted a list of insane moment from cable access tv, where he spread the idea that the kid was someone called Saul who started to dress goth and listened to dark music. He seems almost mocking of Z, but it's not clear whether he was intentionally making up information or making a joke about the clip. The story spread like wildfire, to the point where people even mistook the date, despite the fact that the Ozzy Osbourne show shirt Z wears is from the 2000s.

In 2019-20, Bill Simmon commented in a BlameItOnJorge video which mentioned the GPA clip. He sent a link of an article mentioning the Found Footage Festival reacting to DTH, an old video of Z dancing in another show Rael made called Post Mortem Expresso.

No other footage of DTH has been found. how reacting to Death's Head Theatre.s


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