In 1975, NBC aired the season four finale of Sanford and Son, "The Family Man". This was the backdoor pilot for a 10-episode spinoff entitled Grady, which follows Grady Wilson (Whitman Mayo) as he moves away from Watts to live with his family in Westwood. In 2016, the series eventually received a manufacture-on-demand DVD release from Somy Pictures Home Entertainment; however, it turned out to be The Best of Grady, as it was missing the third episode: "Merry Birthday, Happy Xmas". It aired December 18, 1975, and revolves around Ellie planning a surprise birthday party for Grady, who is being kept at a local bar while the other guests arrive. For unknown reasons, this episode wasn't included on the DVD release, although the episode was among the nine that were added to Crackle, Sony's streaming service, in August 2016.

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