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Adventures of Dallas is a GoAnimate animated series created by ex-GoAnimator Alexander Lydon. It ran on YouTube from July 27, 2014 to October 13, 2016. The videos were deleted on January 6, 2017. Since then, the series has fallen into obscurity. (and possibly forgotten.) Due to the small number of video downloads at the time, only a few episodes have been downloaded. The videos are still available on Alex's GoAnimate webpage, but due to GoAnimate's new policy, his videos are now inaccessible.

Two-thirds of the episodes have been uploaded by then 13-year-old David Paulwinkle of the USA.



There were 105 episodes of the show. The episodes have also been dubbed in French.

# English title English Status French title French Status
1 Repair Dallas Lost Réparateur Dallas Found
2 The Jetpack Lost Le jetpack Found
3 First Kids in the Moon Found Premiers enfants dans la lune Found
4 Lost Found Perdu Found
5 The Fortune Teller Lost Le diseur de bonne aventure Found
6 Photo Op Lost Occasion de photographie Found
7 Explosive Episode! Lost Explosif dans la salle d'attente Found
8 Trick or Treat Lost Des bonbons ou un sort Found
9 Dallas vs. the Vortex Devil Found Dallas contre le diable vortexx Found
10 Merry Christmas! Lost Un Noël de Pettis Found
11 Loud Music Lost Musique forte Found
12 The Good Ol' Days Lost Les bons vieux jours Found
13 Whodunnit? Lost Roman policier? Found
14 Dallas Who Can Sit Anywhere! Lost Dallas est assis partout! Found
15 Whodunnit? 2 Lost Roman policier encore? Found
16 Diesel's Timeline Lost Chronologie de Diesel Found
17 Trouble Terry Lost Le problème avec Terry Found
18 Thanksgiving Lost Action de grâces Found
19 Little Red Elizabeth Hood Lost Le petit Elizabeth rouge Found
20 The Comedy World Test Lost Le test de GoCity Lost
21 Terry's Easter Egg Hunt Lost La chasse aux œufs de Terry Found
22 Harvey is Born Lost Harvey est né Found
23 The Bad School Day Lost La mauvaise journée d'école Found
24 Harvey's first birthday Lost Le anniversaire de Harvey Found