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The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the longest running video game series to date. Originally conceived in 1995 as a simple racing game, it quickly morphed into an open-world crime drama. But as with many video games, content had to be cut to save space and time (some very minor things all the way up to whole mission strands and characters).

Grand Theft Auto 1 & London expansion packs

  • The San Andreas level originally included accessible and rideable street cars.
  • The TV Van had a transmitter antenna mounted on the roof.

Grand Theft Auto 2

  • Two weapons were cut, and are able to be activated with the use of mods.

Grand Theft Auto III

  • Claude's appearance went through several tweaks during the development process.
  • Two characters were cut: Darkel, a domestic terrorist, voiced by Bill Fiore; and Curtly, voiced by the late Curtis McClarin.
  • German musician Tom Novy was set to appear (Still, his model is still in the game's files).
  • Two weapons, the land mine and a nightstick, were cut completely.
  • The Baseball Bat was originally made out of metal.
  • Three pedestrians, Buskers, Children, and a Butler, were cut from the game.
  • 1% of the game was changed because of the September 11th Attacks: emergency personnel skins, children pedestrian lines, school buses, radio lines, and the box art (This box art was released in Europe, through).
  • Because of Darkel's removal, 5 missions were cut: "I Scream, You Scream" (Appears modified in the final release), "Love Hurts" (The player would have destroyed a building with a plane), and 3 unnamed missions.
  • Three cars carried over from GTA 2 were cut, including the Panto, the Hachura (though it appeared in the final product as an undriveable wreck), and the Bug (seen in a beta screenshot). Another cut car was the Brigham, originally from GTA 1. In a screenshot it can be seen that it has some front similarities to the Stallion and may have been planned to appear instead.
  • Another cut car was the Luton, which was replaced with the Mule for unknown reasons.
  • Four cars almost had alternate names: Beamer (Sentinel), Maurice (Perennial), Hachura (Idaho), and Shark (Stinger).

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  • A character named Mr. Moffat was supposed to make an appearance and give you at least one mission.