In 2001, when Grand Theft Auto III was released for the PlayStation 2, it was announced that a version for the Game Boy Advance would be developed. It was developed by Destination Software and would be published by the Digital Worldwide company. It was also announced that the game would be released near the end of 2002. Near the end of 2002, Destination Software lost the license and was replaced by Crawfish Interactive. Crawfish Interactive closed due to economic problems and the license to the game was granted to Digital Eclipse. It was eventually reworked into Grand Theft Auto: Advance and was released on October 26, 2004. A copy of the game does exist, as well as screenshots. The prototype of the game has yet to be released. The title screen was different as well as the graphics. The game would also feature Claude, the protagonist in Grand Theft Auto III instead of Mike in Grand Theft Auto: Advance.

However, despite the game being cancelled, it would rather be redone in 2004, the year when Grand Theft Auto: Advance would be released, Along with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Title screen



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