Walking the dog is a popular R&B song by Rufus Thomas. since the original recordings release in 1963, many artist have covered it from The rolling stones to Aerosmith. In 1993 whilst recording the demos for hit album Dookie, Green day recorded a cover of the song to show to the record label. it is unknown if there is a proper studio recording of the song

Green Day - walking the dog

Green Day - walking the dog

The song in question (note that is is a demo)

The song

The song was first found on a bootleg album called dookie demo studios 1993 and has the following track listing and where the song ended up

Dookie demos

The bootleg album on which the demo appears

Having a Blast (Dookie)

When I Come Around (Dookie) Longview (Dookie) Burnout (Dookie) Basket Case (Dookie) Haushinka (nimrod) J.A.R. (single) She (Dookie) Pulling Teeth (Dookie) Sassafras Roots (Dookie) Walking the Dog Don't Wanna Fall in Love (Geek stink breath single/shenanigans) F.O.D. (Dookie)

The song starts with a recording of a bong and then transitions into the song which features an acoustic guitar.

It is unknown if the song was even recorded in any way in a studio (in the dookie sessions or during the sessions for another album) and if so what was changed (note the green day song green day features a bong at the start so it is possible they used one in the studio). also whilst recording the songs for the album, they wanted to record as much as they could just in case they where dropped from the record label.

green day seem to have no plans to release the song but many fans still hope that a studio version will be released someday.


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