Gremlins Cartoon Pilot
A teaser from a 1990 issue of Bugs Bunny Magazine that mentions the cartoon.
Status Lost
Very little is known about the pilot for the animated TV adaptation of Joe Dante's film Gremlins, possibly titled Gizmo and the Gremlins. According to some sources, such as Toonarific, the series was to involve Gizmo, the one good mogwai of the film and its sequel, fighting against the evil Gremlins. The pilot was the only episode that entered production.[1]

It has been suggested that the series was cancelled because of parents complaining about the violence of the source material, but Joe Dante, the director of the films, says it was never finished because Gremlins 2 flopped at the box office[2]. No footage of the pilot has been released, though there was a mention of it in an article in a 1990 issue of Bugs Bunny Magazine.


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