Grey's Anatomy is a long-running medical drama that aired on ABC since 2005. The original split-screen credits for the first five seasons have been partially lost. For the first season, it just use the Mark Gordon Company and Touchstone Television logo with a short version of the ABC generic theme, and from seasons 2 to 5, a ShondaLand logo is added, and in 2007, the ABC Studios logo replaced the Touchstone Television logos. These were accompanied by various versions of the ABC generic theme (such as a funk version, and a hip-hop style version that was also seen on The Practice, Boston Legal, Snoops, Vengeance Unlimited, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Pan Am, the 2009 remake of V and Forever), plus there's a Christmas version of the generic theme (it was also heard in a short version on Once Upon a Time). Evidence of split-screen credits of the first five seasons has been nearly been lost.

There's one split-screen credits for the second season has been found:

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