Lost Media Archive

ok i might have been on drugs.. but i tell i remember this video kinda

Guli Guli is a japanese kids video that was published on youtube maybe 2013 or someething idk

i first saw it when watching a chinese dumb ways to die parody

its lost because the channel that uploaded it may have been terminated but 3 years ago ive seen the channel again but its possibly terminated now

anyways the video was about a green (apple)? named gulli gulli she didnt want dinner in that cartoon thingy then her parents spoke and after that a yellow (corn lookin dude)? said that she has to eat it but then...

t\my horrible recreation of the characters

GULLI GULLI THROWS A TANTRUM OVER DINNER....that is what i remembered from it its lost or found idk cuz i havent seen it since 2014.