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In 2001, HBO Family created two new segments for their lineup of children’s TV shows; a preschool block called “Jam” (which aired in the morning) and a tween block called, “Magnet” (which aired in the afternoon).

In 2005, Magnet was dropped from the channel and only one show (Crashbox) was intergrated into the Jam segments.

In 2010, Jam was rebranded completely. It featured a new CG version of Jammie playing with kids in a CGI field and a new theme music. Jam was dropped on January 17, 2016, one day after first-run episodes of Sesame Street moved to HBO from their long-time home of PBS.

Since then, classic HBO Family content from the Jam and Magnet era has been rarely archived or seen again, making the bumpers somewhat impossible to find. Several for Magnet have popped up on YouTube, but Jam content has been quite rare to find.

Jam (2001-2016)

In the bumpers featuring Jam, a blob character named, “Jammie” would appear playing and dancing with kids in a sunny field to a hip-hop beat. The anthem for the segment would featuring the kids rapping about Jammie. Some bumpers would feature them saying why they love Jammie.

Magnet (2001-2004)

In the Magnet bumpers, a bunch of electrical charges would be featured with some kids hanging out together doing typical after-school activities such as hanging out, eating at a burger joint, or skateboarding. It would also feature kids doing hover board tricks on the logo.

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