HIT Entertainment: Personajes Favoritos (roughly meaning "HIT Entertainment: Favorite Characters") is a series of DVD's released exclusively on Latin America, it was basically the Latin American equivalent of  the Hit Entertainment Children's Favorites series of VHS' and DVD's released in the USA, but with some differences, such as some of the "Favorite Characters" DVD's including episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, a series which was never present on the "Children's Favorites" DVD's, it's currently unknown how many volumes were made, but it's estimated to be 4 volumes, so far, only Volume 2 has been uploaded on YouTube, and it's unknown which episodes are on the other discs except Volume 4


So far, there are 4 volumes discovered, which is believed to be the amount of volumes made, the DVD's themselves would include TV-modified versions of episodes from Hit Entertainment franchises (meaning that they would feature more than one episode of a single series), every DVD included episodes of series' such as Bob the Builder, Barney, Angellina Ballerina and Pingu, however, unlike it's USA counterpart, these DVD's were unique by the fact some volumes included a different series than the other, odd-numbered releases would include Rubbadubbers episodes, while even-numbered releases would include Thomas and Friends episodes.

Episodes included on each release

Volume 1's episodes are currently completely unknown, and it's unknown what episodes are on volumes 3 and 4 excluding Thomas and Bob the Builder

Volume 2

Thomas and Friends: Thomas and Gordon/Thomas Gets Tricked, The Sad Story of Henry/Come Out Henry! and Thomas and Bertie/Thomas and Bertie's Great Race

Bob the Builder: Spud the Super Wrench, Spud and the Clouds, Travis' Trailer and Spud Gets Packing

Barney: Changing Places (I forgot it's name in English but it was the episode where BJ and Baby Bop change places)

Angellina Ballerina: Angellina at the Fair

Pingu: Pingu Looks After the Egg/Pingu Helps With Incubating

Bonus features

Music videos:

Thomas and friends:

Thomas' Anthem/Thomas We Love You

Really Useful Engine.

Let's Have a race.

Volume 3

Bob the Builder: Bob Saves the Porcupines, Bob's Spring Cleaning, Scary Spud and Spud the Ghost.

Volume 4

Thomas and Friends: Thomas' Train/A Big Day For Thomas, Edward and Gordon/Edward Helps Out and Thomas, Terence and the Snow/Terence the Tractor.

Bob the Builder: Bob's Birthday, Spud Minds His Manners, Bob's Big Surprise and Wendy's Watering Can.

Bonus features

Music Videos:

Thomas and friends:

The Island Song

Every Cloud has Silver lining



2/2/21: I found that there's actually a 5th volume, and it's for sale on Mercado Libre Mexico.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsJDLlZbluY (The link for Volume 2)

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