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The meme that originated from the lost advertisement.

The Shrek HP Camera Ad is an unnamed lost commercial that is known for being the origin of the infamous meme, "Yep. This one's going in my cringe compilation."

Known Information

Another meme featuring the image.

This advertisement has only two known screenshots, those being the screenshot the commercial originated from, and another screenshot depicting shrek holding the camera in a different way. The camera model being held by Shrek is an HP Photosmart 945, that type of camera released in 2003, so the advertisement was likely from that year. It is known that the person who made the camera model was 3d artist Steve McGraph, who confirmed his work for an HP advertisement in 2015, but it's not confirmed if this was the advertisement he worked on, McGraph has unfortunately died. Another Shrek HP commercial has been found depicting Fiona advertising a laptop, meaning this commercial could've been part of an advertising campaign for HP products. The pose in the picture appears to be the exact same pose of Shrek in an HP booklet advertisement, but with a slightly different angle.


Attempts to find this commercial date back to 2018, when this was mentioned on the Lost Media Wiki, but the search for this commercial has recently became more popular when Twitter user Kenny Lauderdale made a post mentioning how he learned about how the meme originated from this lost advertisement.