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''Haberlik'' is a Turkish children's Puppet show that aired between 2008 - 2010 on the Channel TRT Çocuk, it was a parody of news programs but for kids.a male lamb named ''Mimocan'' and a blue female hippopotamus with red hair and a purple outfit called ''Hopisu'' hosted the show, there was a red owl named Gakkuş that appeared in promotional images and the intro too but he didn't appear in the episode that is found , he was never used in the later adaptations either .

none of the show's more popular later adaptations like the first Mimocan heryerde and mimocan uzayda haven't been completely found either. only one of the 405 episodes of haberlik was uploaded to youtube by the director of the show .

The characters were noticebly different from the other adaptations of the show, Hopisu was missing her eyelashes, she had an extra piece of fabric around her eyes and her purple outfit covers every single place of her body except her head,Mimocan was a bit smaller than he is in mimocan heryerde and his nose was pointier. there was also a major character called totti the dog in that was in every other adaptation but he wasn't in haberlik .