Half-Life is an extremely well-known and well-respected first-person shooter, but few know of its DreamCast port, which was slated for release in 2001. It was to be developed by Gearbox and Captivation Digital Laboratories. It was first revealed in 2000. It was revealed that Gearbox would create unique content for the game, while Captivation would handle the porting and the technology.

The game was delayed many times, and at one point review copies were sent out, but had poor reception from critics. It was finally delayed, and a few weeks before its slated release date, it was cancelled, despite being finished. A strategy guide was even printed, and was ready for publication, when this was announced.

A few years after its cancellation, a late build was discovered, dubbed build 1672, and was dated May 2001. The port is fully functional, and revealed that the game was more or less complete when it was cancelled. In 2012, a Dreamcast mod was made for the PC version.

The Dreamcast port would later be the basis for the PlayStation 2 port.

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