Hamtaro is a children's anime about a little hamster named Hamtaro and his group of hamster friends known as the Ham-Hams (Hamuchanzu, or "Ham-chans" in the original Japanese version). While most of the English dub and its original Japanese counterpart have surfaced online, the dub aired in the Philippines is a very tough find, as it is no longer aired and there were no official releases. Recordings of this dub are rare to come by. All that can be found is a short clip from episode 6 (mistakenly labeled as episode 9) from TV5 Kids, a low-quality TV screen recording of a clip from episode 200 from GMA Network, and an ad from TV5 Kids. It is unknown exactly how many episodes were dubbed, but it is apparent that the dub was originally based off of the English dub (going by the English soundtrack playing in the clip of episode 6) and then at some point it was switched to dubbing straight from Japanese (since episode 200 was never dubbed in English). No full episodes of this dub have been found as of yet. It is rumored that the openings for later episodes were simply the Japanese openings with no Japanese lyrics or credits on-screen and the Japanese logo replaced with the English one.

The ad from TV5 Kids can be downloaded here: https://mega.nz/#!FUs03S4b!ANQKfPthA2Z0ANTrkTnckPCmuMcP_EQcH1ljg_IQ3fM


Hamtaro Episode 6 Filipino Dubbed

Clip from episode 6


Hamtaro Filipino clip - partially translated!

Clip from episode 200

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