Before Handy Manny premiered, there was a test pilot screened to the creator of the show in 2003/2004. It featured Manny and his tool friends having fun, whether it's building stuff, saving an environment, or fixing a bowling lane, it's Manny to the Rescue!

In 2004, an 11-minute pilot was created for the series. Unlike the main series, which was animated by Two Presidents Productions,[1] the pilot was animated by DKP Studios (now known as Jam Filled Toronto). The pilot also used standard 3-D animation instead of cel-shading, and had more simplistic sets. The only video footage of this pilot can be seen in a demo reel from DKP Studios' official website. Aside from a resume of CG artist Kyran Kelly, who directed the pilot, little information can be found.

and here are the clips


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