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The Happy Tree Friends Meteor and Mutated Arm Commercials are lost mini sampler DVD advertisements that were presumably used to advertise a Happy Tree Friends DVD pack, including the first three Happy Tree Friends DVDs


Footage from the two lost Happy Tree Friends commercials were uploaded by No Context Happy Tree Friends on Twitter. The only uploaded footage includes Lumpy holding the DVDs and getting killed. In the first commercial Lumpy is seen standing with the DVDs, and then a meteor crashes onto the ground and triggers a shockwave that reduces Lumpy to a skeleton and reduces the forest in the background to a burnt wasteland. In the second commercial, Lumpy is seen standing with the DVD's, and then a bump forms on his forehead, the bump then grows into a long arm that grabs his neck and strangles him to death. No other footage from the advertisements can be found other than those two clips.


meteor commercial

mutated arm commercial

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