Happy Wheels was a game released in 2010 in the TotalJerkFace website. A movie is announced to be released in June 21, 2019 by Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema and TotalJerkFace/Fancy Force, but unknown. Later on Jan. 2019, the project is cancelled. The movie contain not all characters from the game, as well the Go90 series Happy Wheels: The Series.


Movie announced on the production of the Android port of Happy Wheels. Film contain the same characters, as well as bonus characters like Jim, the creator of the game, well be voiced by Jim himself. Also well include the Divine Intervention characters, the pink bunny from Jim's old animations and the old look of the TJF site before Happy Wheels is added, the unicorn from another one of Jim's old animations, the bear that is never seen on Jim's old animations, as well as many appearances/cameos of custom NPCs.

In TotalJerkFace

The movie had clips before the release on the TJF page, that has Happy Wheels in it.


On Jan 2019, the film is cancelled. The clips well be removed on the TJF site, making the bear NEVER used on Jim's projects.

On Go90

Go90 had series like Happy Wheels: The Series, and also clips from the movie. The clips are removed later.


  • This cancelled movie is going to have a video game but cancelled.
  • Merch are selling during production of the film, and later sold out.

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