Lost Media Archive

There has been many spoofs and parodies of Thomas The Tank Engine, Examples include, Grant Thomas The Tank Engine, Thomas The Chav Engine, Ernest The Engine Car, just to name a few, However one has been lost, It is called Harold's Accident, Things that are known about the Spoof are it had 343,994 views, was uploaded to YouTube on 30th November 2007 and it had 247 Likes and 59 Dislikes. It was taken down in 2020 due to copyright. Something interesting was that it was uploaded the same day as the Chicago Train Collision where an Amtrak Train rear ended a Norfolk Southern Train

Known Information/Plus sort of plot

The intro seems normal at first, until Thomas pushes a sad looking James off a cliff, causing the red engine to fall off and explode, The plot is that Harold is getting attention which makes Thomas jealous, so He attempts to shoot Harold down, not just Thomas music was used but Star wars music was used as well


The video was found!