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Harvey Beaks is an American animated TV series created by C.H. Greenblatt, the creator of Chowder. Greenblatt created a test pilot for the show entitled Bad Seeds. Nickelodeon greenlit the show, and it was eventually renamed Harvey Beaks. The pilot currently is available on Vimeo and MEGA. The pilot episode was animated by Mercury Filmworks, same thing to The Loud House (Seasons 6-7), Middlemost Post, and Phoebe and Her Unicorn.

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In 2015 the pilot was uploaded to YouTube, though later it was taken down by Viacom. It was uploaded again by the same user on Vimeo, but was deleted.

UPDATE 7-5-16 : An anonymous user claims to have contacted C.H. Greenblatt. He said from his info, C.H. Greenblatt has the only known copy of the pilot.

UPDATE 7-6-16 : It was found online that Nickelodeon holds a copy in their library. People have been saying that it was C.H. Greenblatt's copy, but this was not confirmed.

UPDATE 7-8-16: The pilot is available to download on MEGA


UPDATE 7-9-16: Even though we found the pilot, Nickelodeon has their own copy, so now two copies are known to exist.

UPDATE 11-5-16: The pilot was uploaded to Vimeo by IanStudios.

UPDATE 8-1-17:The pilot was taken down from Vimeo.

UPDATE 3-18-20: The pilot was reuploaded to Vimeo by jenny https://vimeo.com/398698542 unfortunately, it;s in 360p rather than the much higher 1080p resolution it was made in.

The user Patricia Pradel found the pilot, link: https://youtu.be/65CJk9cuxiM