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He Man and the Masters of The Universe Title Track

The intro to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is a cartoon made by Filmation that ran from 1983-1985. To make it short, it is about the titular character and his friends fighting against Skeletor and other villains. It has been dubbed in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swedish, and other languages, but this show has a Hindi dub. It aired on Doordarshan, Star One, and ZeeQ in India. It was a very popular show in India, and in fact, it was Doordarshan's flagship cartoon, but despite it's popularity in India, this dub is hard to find.


A website called "Toon Network India" claims to have the show's first 12 episodes in Hindi, and they can be seen here.

Another website, "Star Toons India" claims to have the first 29 episodes in Hindi, which can be seen here.