Heart and Soul was a TV pilot, aired on NBC in 1988. It was the first television show to be produced by Castlerock Entertainment Television, just a year before Seinfeld was created.


Note: This summary is sourced from the show's IMDB article.

"Record company executives Curtis Rousseau and Richard Bradley try to sign a promising young singer, Jamie Sinclair to their struggling recording business. Her father, Harlan has plans for her to attend medical school. Curtis' flamboyant behavior does not help matters with Harlan, so he urges the more reserved Richard to convince him to sign his daughter to a recording contract."


The pilot was only aired once and it quickly fell into obscurity. The show didn't attract any kind of attention until around 2013, when a moderator for a logo description wiki took interest in finding the pilot, merely to find out if Castlerock Entertainment used a logo at the end of the program. He managed to contact a man who owned a recording and he transferred the recording to DVD, but the audio didn't make is through.

What remains of the pilot.

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