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Henry's World is an Canadian animated children's series produced for Canada's Family Channel by Cuppa Coffee Animation, Alliance Atlantis Communications and Germany's TV Loonland AG (season 1 only). It was first aired from 2002 to 2007, producing 26 episodes. The series follows Henry Wiggins, a boy who has an extraordinary ability to make his wishes come true when eating his mother's mushy carrots. This was the first stop-motion animated series to be entirely produced in Canada. Henry's world aired in 19 different countries and it was dubbed in several languages such as Arabic, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, Hindi, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, German and Japanese however, only the Spanish dub has been found as of 01/22/2021.


  • In the French dub, Henry is called Henri.
  • Some viewers recall seeing Henry's World air in Arabic on MBC3 but there is no proof that it did although a video of an Islamized theme song for an Arabic dub from most likely Basma Channel or another Islamic channel was public on YouTube back in 2014 but it was either taken down for copyright issues or deleted due to a termination or closure of the account, removed by the uploader, or it is very hard to find because Basma channel or another Islamic channel changed the name to something else in Arabic to make it more Islamized.
  • The Spanish dub is titled "Las aventuras de Henry".
  • Henry's World aired in Hungarian on TV2/SuperTV2.
  • The Hebrew dub aired on Hop! TV Channel in 2004.
  • The Hebrew dub is titled "עולמו של הנרי"
  • The Italian dub has only two known voice actors (Laura Latini, Paolo Vivio)
  • The Italian dub aired on Rai 3 in November 1, 2004