Her advertisement poster.

Her is a 2013 film starring Joaquin Phoenix directed by Spike Jonze. It tells the story of a man who enters a romantic relationship with his operating system, Samantha. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, which it lost. Jonze, however, did score an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, boosting the film's legendary status.

The role of Samantha was originally given to Samantha Morton. The entire movie was filmed and recorded using Morton's audio. She was even on set with Joaquin Phoenix, which helped the two actors develop some chemistry. Jonze is a stickler for last minute casting changes, though. For instance, when he filmed his 2009 effort for Where the Wild Things Are, he fired Michelle Williams who had already done some scenes as one of the monsters. For Her, Jonze felt Morton was not correct for the role. With her blessing, he recast the role of Samantha to Scarlett Johansson and had all of Samantha's dialogue work re-recorded.

The audio has not seen the light of day since the film's release. There is no evidence that the DVD release is going to have the audio, and given Jonze's reputation, it is unlikely to happen. Allegedly, a trailer containing the original audio was leaked online, but it is impossible to find despite what fans of the film have stated. It is likely, given Jonze's perfectionism, that the dialogue may have been deleted forever. Only time will tell if it will ever surface.

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