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How Mumfie looks in the series.

In 1975, Mary Turner and John Read adapted Katherine Tozer's Mumfie books into a television series entitled Here Comes Mumfie, using puppets to tell the stories.

Only half of an episode has been uploaded to YouTube, and the theme song to the show appears on a few children's CDs. Nobody knows why the show has never been re-released, possibly due to the Britt Allcroft adaptation, Magic Adventures of Mumfie, becoming more popular.

Ironically, some plots of the 70's episodes, such as "Things That Go Bang!" and "Scarecrow's Instant Birthday", were recycled into episodes of the Britt Allcroft series, and Nero's personality was also used for The Black Cat character.


1. Mice can be Useful  

2. Uncle Samuel Disappears

3. Playing Chess Presents Problems

4. The 'L' Driver  

5. The Witch of Up-In-The-Sky

6. Follow that Note

7. The Petrol Station

8. The Lurkings  

9. A Twig from a Broomstick

10. Mumfie and the Haunted House

11. An Unusual Christmas Cake

12. Natty Socks' Socks

13. A Bottle Full of Trouble

14. Coughs and Colds

15. The Guilt Edged Invitation

16. The Enormous Safe  

17. Mumfie Buys a Sea Chest  

18. Nero the Cat  

19. Mumfie Makes a Strange Catch  

20. Mumfie at the Carnival  

21. An Unexpected Journey  

22. Under the Rainbow  

23. Uncle Samuel has a Cold  

24. The Runaway Dishcloth  

25. Mumfie does some Spring-Cleaning  

26. Snowscene Paperweight

27. The Trouble with Noise

28. Tom Tum - or Posts and Pans!  

29. An Hour to Spare  

30. Things that go Bang!  

31. The Missing Clock  

32. The Beanstalk  

33. Through the Yellow Door  

34. Lurkings, Lurkings Everywhere  

35. The Gingerbread Man

36. The Wrong Spell  

37. The Tale of Fairy Gold  

38. Frogs and Cauldrons  

39. Scarecrow's Instant Birthday  

40. The Talking Pillow  

41. The Time Patterns  

42. Brooms are for Sweeping  

43. A Parrot Moves Home

44. The Weeping Willow  

45. Naughty and Mischief  

46. Tit for Tat  

47. The Late Breakfast  

48. The Witch's Prisoner  

49. The Paper Dragon  

50. An Unusual Birthday Cake  

51. There and Back  

52. A Tangle of Voices