Hi-5 is an Australian TV Series and a band that was aired from 1999 to 2011. It was produced by Kids Like Us Productions from 1999 to 2008 and Southern Star Entertainment from 2009 to 2011. It was focused on the cast members, notably the original cast, who was Kellie Crawford, Kathleen de Leon Jones, Tim Harding, Nathan Foley and Charli Robinson. It was aired somewhat on Minimax in the early-late 2000s. Currently, there are some Hi-5 merch in Romania, but no Romanian dub videos has found, so the dub is lost. The Romanian dubbing studio who recorded Hi-5 was probably Zone Studio Oradea, which is now Studio BTI, but it is currently unknown. Only the Australian version was dubbed.


  • It's unconfirmed and currently unknown if it exists.


  • On 11 March 2020, on IEP Wiki on the Romania page, it's possible that Hi-5 might aired in Romania and the title for the Hi-5 dubbed in Romanian is also Hi-5. It is the Australian version by the way.
  • On March 21, 2021, the possible cast of Hi-5 in Romanian for Series 11 to 13 was:
    • Iulia Tohotan - Casey Burgess (Series 11-13)
    • Alina Leonte - Fely Irvine (Series 11-13)
    • Anca Sigmirean - Lauren Brant (Series 11-13)
    • Sorin Ionescu - Stevie Nicholson (Series 11-13)
    • Florian Silaghi - Tim Maddren (Series 11-13)
    • Ioana Dagău - Chatterbox (Series 11-13)
    • Răzvan Vicoveanu - Jup Jup (Series 11-13)
    • Ion Ruscuț - Narrator (Series 1-9)
    • Petre Gimbășean - Narrator (Series 10-13)
    • Translator: Sanda Ilieși (Series 11-13)
    • Director: Adrian Moraru (Series 11-13)
    • Dubbed By: Zone Studio Oradea (Series 1-13)
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